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If you began today, you could spend a lifetime looking for and discovering all of the treasures of the Bible. In Bible Study Basics you will need to become childlike, yet scientific at the same time. + Learn More

Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Samson, and David. Have you heard of these people? Their stories are part of the Old Testament and are important even today. + Learn More

“How to Get Out of the World Alive” might be a better title for the New Testament. The main theme of the New Testament is that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners... + Learn More

How is it that some groups seem to relate well together, work well together, and think well together when there are groups that just don’t seem to connect at all? + Learn More

Does speaking in front of a group of people incite terror in you? It’s on the top of the list of things that people fear most. In Introduction to Public Speaking you will learn how to prepare... + Learn More

Leadership—how would you define it? How can you be an effective leader? The Foundations in Effective Leadership course defines leadership as moving people from where they are to a better place. + Learn More

Adapted from lectures delivered at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit by 5 of today’s most influential leaders, this course offers principles of effective multicultural leadership. + Learn More

Faith at Work

On Demand

These five lessons will help you reflect on your life purpose to bring glory to God and the topic of calling and giftedness. + Learn More

This course provides a biblical orientation to Christian ethics. + Learn More

In this seminar, Richard Averbeck and James Grier address questions in order to lay a biblical, theological foundation for proper Christian thought... + Learn More

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